"I highly recommended Annette in all the services and ways in which she offers herself. Her integrity, commitment and divine feminine empathic nature is authentic, transparent and transformative. Her nurturing, commitment and guidance will set your path on fire." - Karen A

"I had the absolute pleasure of personally coaching Annette, but also had the opportunity to be coached by her as well. Annette is someone that pours her love and all into everything that she does. Whether it’s assisting someone with growing their own business, or focusing on the spiritual and emotional healing that she is best that, she always gives you 100% of her. I am eternally and forever grateful for the opportunity to personally work with Annette, and I highly recommend her and her services to anyone that is ready for a real change in any and all aspects of their lives!"

- Scott Aaron


"I have known and worked with Annette for the last year and a half. She's extremely intuitive and has a knack for coaching clients to great health. She truly cares about the well-being of her clients spiritually, physically and mentally. Annette empowers others to live their best life and helps to guide them through the struggles that many of us need to overcome whether it's self doubt or lack of resources, she helps to peel back the layers to identify the root cause of what's stopping someone from living their best life.

I would recommend Annette to those that are wanting to explore a deeper level of spirituality AND a more meaningful life. She has a powerful story to share and this makes her a great spiritual and health coach. She's a one-of-a-kind and you won't be disappointed working with such a genuine person! Thank you Annette!"- Kerri L


"Annette and I have known one another since 1993. In the summer of 1996 we were married and parted ways in 2011 as friends. Throughout the years we've remained close. Annette is someone who you can count on. Annette has always dropped what she was doing to listen. Annette moved  away to be with her new husband but still yet we remain close. 

I was no picnic during our marriage. Annette grew strong due to my shenanigans. She's schooled with two Master's degrees and highly intelligent. Even though I had given her a hard time in many ways she always held forgiveness in her heart towards me and held me in high regard. Which brings me to today. After 5 years of being apart and living 3000 miles away, Annette's husband needed someone he could trust that was savvy and could hold his own under any circumstance. 

Annette told Carl, meet Erik. I moved to the PNW and now work with Annette and Carl. All of this made possible by a strong independent, intelligent woman with a kind heart and an open mind .
I learned true love from her. Tolerance. Patience and forgiveness. Annette always was my inspiration with so much of it I didn't know how to handle her. It's never too late to learn from someone and I've learned and I learn from her each and every day."
- Erik Langleiben